Vannoy Parent Club wants all of our students to have the best opportunity to succeed and have a positive educational experience. With educational budgets not meeting the needs of school districts, it is up to us to supplement where the state government comes up short. The good news is that our community has several ways to raise the necessary money Vannoy needs every year. This is how it all happens.

General Membership

To say our parents are our greatest asset would be an understatement. Us parents make all of this happen. Our annual membership dues of $50 ​​​​​​​provide us with the spark we need to kick off the year.  Our goal is to have parent membership of 100%. The best time to join is at Walk-Through Registration in August. However if you didn't, it's never too late. 


Vannoy Elementary's Cougarthon is an annual event that allows our school community to come together for an afternoon of walking, music, food, prizes and fun, all in an effort to raise funds for our wonderful school! 

This is Vannoy's largest fundraising effort of the year and we greatly appreciate the continued support we receive from our community! 

Amazon Smile

​​​​​​​This is quite simply the easiest way to raise funds for Vannoy Parent Club. All you have to do is select Vannoy Parent Club as your charity and use instead of their normal website and we get a percentage. These are free funds and we all need to be using it.