How To Help

Do you want to help but don't know how? Well, you are in luck. Here are some ways you can get involved!

Become A Member and Come To The Meetings

We should all do this every year. Parents make the difference between Vannoy being a good school and a great one. With our membership, we get to contribute to our kids school experience in so many ways.

Find out more on our Member Information page.


This is the most rewarding of all and volunteering can mean many things. You can drive on field trips, become a room parent, help in the library, work at some of our special events, or even join the VPC board. There are lots of ways to get involved at school. ​​​​​​​See our volunteer opportunities on our Member Information page.


Donating beyond our membership dues is a great way to contribute to VPC. The good news is that we get incredible value for our donations and many employers match funds. We fund many things that the state and school district can't or simply don't. From field trips and class supplies to dances and festivals, us parents do a lot for our school community today and for generations of Vannoy students to come. The best part is that our donations are totally tax deductible as well.

Things You Do Every Day

These days, everyone uses Amazon. But not all of us use Amazon Smile. Smile is a program that is free to use but can make a huge difference to us. Just select Vannoy Parent Club as your charity and order from and they do the rest.

For more of these type of everyday fundraising programs, please see our Fundraising Page.